Our vision is to be the catalyst for business growth and success in Vietnam, fostering an environment where local and international companies thrive and expatriates flourish.


We envision a future where our clients have access to tailored, reliable, and innovative solutions that empower them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and unlock their true potential.


We aspire to be the go-to consulting firm known for our unwavering commitment to excellence, deep expertise, and a genuine passion for helping businesses and expats navigate the opportunities and challenges of the Vietnamese market.


Our mission is to be the premier consulting firm in Vietnam, dedicated to empowering both local and international clients in successfully setting up their companies and supporting expatriates in their professional journeys. We strive to provide exceptional services, expert guidance, and personalized support that exceed our clients' expectations.


Through our comprehensive solutions, we aim to be the trusted partner that simplifies the complex process of company formation and enables expats to navigate the intricacies of visas, work permits, and cultural integration seamlessly.

Core values