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The Role of CPAs and Accountants in Vietnam: Ensuring Compliance and Financial Stability

A CPA or a Certified Public Accountant plays a crucial role in keeping the financial aspects of a company in check. Accountants ensure that your business complies with the accounting and bookkeeping laws of Vietnam. Maintaining accounting records according to Vietnam's bookkeeping requirements ensures you don't face issues when paying taxes.

Suppose you are a foreign business owner running a company in Vietnam. In that case, you must hire accountants to keep your financial records according to the Vietnam Accounting Standards. Vietnam Accounting Standards are a set of regulations that govern how companies should manage their book accounting records.

A certified accountant in Vietnam has vast knowledge about the Vietnam Accounting Standards. It would be impossible to operate a business in Vietnam without having a qualified accountant as a part of your team. At Zora Consulting, we offer comprehensive accounting and tax solutions that guarantee complete compliance with Vietnamese bookkeeping laws. By outsourcing your business's accounting and taxation to us, you can focus on your core business aspects while we take care of bookkeeping.

With that said, many foreign business owners undermine the role of a CPA in Vietnam. Keep reading if you are wondering how a CPA can benefit your business. This article will cover the importance of an accountant for your business.

What exactly is a CPA in Vietnam?

A Certified Public Accountant is crucial in any company's accounting department. An accountant must pass special exams and receive a license to offer accounting services to companies. So you can't trust any accountant with your company's bookkeeping needs.

A CPA in Vietnam is equivalent to the chartered accountant designation in other countries. They specialize in taxation, accounting consultancy, or auditing. Since they deal with documents that need to be disclosed to the government, such as tax returns, they are called Public Accountants.

If you have a certified accountant overseeing your company's financials, you can ensure that your company meets accounting and tax requirements.

How can an accountant help your foreign-owned business in Vietnam?

A CPA in Vietnam can help your business with a wide range of financial aspects. Here are some key ways an accountant helps your foreign-owned company in Vietnam:

Help maintain your compliance status: An accountant can help ensure your business complies with Vietnamese Accounting Standards. It is essential to understand that there are different compliance requirements for each industry in Vietnam. A qualified accountant understands the accounting standards for each sector and, therefore, ensures complete compliance for your business.

Preparing financial documents in the local language: An accountant can help your company prepare and maintain detailed financial records. These documents include financial statements, tax returns, accounts payable/receivable, quarterly and annual tax reports, and social insurance registration.

It is essential to note that all these accounting records must be maintained in Vietnamese. That is where a qualified accountant can ensure all the documents are in the local language. At the same time, an accountant can prepare those records in English to make them easier for you to read.

Accurate tax calculations: One of the expenses your business has to incur is taxes, and Vietnam has a corporate tax that is usually 20% of your company's profits. If you aren't calculating your company's taxes correctly, you may pay extra for various taxes.

Not to mention, paying less than what your company owes in terms of taxes to Vietnamese tax authorities can result in fines and other penalties.

An accountant can ensure that your company's tax calculations are done correctly so you don't overpay or underpay your taxes. Accounting and tax experts at Zora can help you reduce your tax liabilities by allowing you to utilize tax exemptions and other benefits. So, by spending a small amount on outsourcing your tax and accounting to us, you can save a significant amount in terms of reduced taxes.

Help you make better financial decisions: Business owners can't make their business decisions correctly unless they have accurate financial reports. An accountant can help ensure that your company's financial data remains up to date to facilitate decision-making.

Well-organized financial documents make it easier for decision-makers to find any issues and take steps to resolve them. An accountant can also provide consultancy to foreign business owners to help them reduce their expenses and increase profits in the Vietnamese market.

Payroll processing: Accountants can help ensure that your payroll processing practices align with relevant labour laws in Vietnam. They can also ensure that payroll is being administered accurately and that no excess expenses are incurred.

Not to mention, an accountant can record all payroll transactions and provide structured data that gives business owners valuable insights.

Should you outsource your accounting in Vietnam?

Outsourcing your company's accounting function comes with many benefits for foreign investors. Here are some key reasons why you should consider outsourcing accounting aspects of your business in Vietnam:

Access to qualified accountants: By outsourcing your company's accounting to a reputed consultant such as us, you get access to qualified and experienced accountants. A qualified accountant can handle various accounting functions on your behalf while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Reduced risk: When a qualified accountant manages your company's financials, it can reduce the risk of penalties resulting from improper bookkeeping. Trying to handle all your company's accounting functions in Vietnam is bound to result in errors.

However, when you outsource your accounting to a reputed outsourcing company, you get peace of mind that your business is not at risk of penalties.

Reduced errors: Not recording your company's financial transactions properly can result in higher costs. Financial mistakes such as not recording financial transactions correctly or not recording them according to Vietnamese accounting standards can result in significant discrepancies.

Outsourcing accounting to our experienced accountants makes sure your financial records are error-free and as per Vietnamese accounting standards.


Accountants are highly skilled individuals who are essential for running your business. Zora Consulting has vast experience managing accounting aspects of foreign companies operating in Vietnam.

We understand the importance of accurate accounting for the proper operations of a company. We can ensure your accounting and taxation matters are well maintained per Vietnamese laws.


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